Video games are bad for you okay?

Video games are bad for you okay?

All these years I’ve been an avid gamer and now I realize the error of my ways.

I work for a website that endorses Satan and now the path has been made clear. Video games are bad.
They encourage violence and senseless murder and stuff like that that is bad for kids. There is no denying that all of these habits are directly linked to video games. Name any person who has committed a crime in the last 10 years who has never heard of video games. Can you even name one?

I’m here to enlighten you on why video games are bad for humans.


Connection between video games and crime.

Look at this Graph

As you can see from this giraffe, there is a massive connection between people who are criminals that have heard of video games, and the rising popularity of video games.

Coincidence? I think not.

Connection between humans and video games.

It’s been proven that children exposed to VIOLENT video games become assertive. That means that they are really mean and rude. Hitler was really mean and rude. Don’t let your kids become HITLER.

Connection between animals and video games.

Most animals do not care about video games. That is because animals are intelligent creatures and do not want to become CORRUPTED by VIOLENT video games. The only animals that like video games are STUPID and VIOLENT!
It’s also been proven that flies like to land on screens while video games are being played. Flies are annoying, coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!!

Don’t see the obvious truth? Take a short test!

Look at this picture: Test One

How did that picture make you feel?
Do you feel like stealing, breaking things, or killing?
Did that picture make you feel depressed?
Note your answers.

Now for the second picture: Test Two

How did that picture make you feel?
Are you emotionally disturbed in any way?
Is your life improved by looking at this picture?

Here’s the catch: The second picture is from a VIDEO GAME.
You probably answered that it mad you feel bad and emotionally disturbed. Just like a serial killer.
You life is also probably not improved by seeing this picture. Video games make your life worse.

This concludes my study on video games. I am now going straight to congress to share my findings with the world. Spread the word: Video games are bad!

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