Alright, I'm here to clear up a few things about Nintendo. Certain high end developers have stated that Nintendo is irrelevant as a Hardware Manufacturer. Why does this enrage me so? Because it flies in the face of good taste. You don't see Game Freak calling Sony or Microsoft terrible game makers or other nonsense. And then to have the gall to say "We should be able to play Mario on the playstation.". That's like saying we should have Jak and Dexter multi-platofrm, or asking Halo to be a Sony Exclusive. It simply doesn't make sense.

One fumble and mistake does not mean the end of a company. Especially one that has existed since the late 1800's. If mistakes on a console was the death of a company, or the arm of a company, Sony and Microsoft would have lost out long ago. But they didn't. They perervered and became the powerhouses they are today.
And now that Nintendo is the only one innovating, they are considered the less relevant, for some reason. It's  ludicrous. Should we blame Nintendo for trying to be creative? I seem to recall at least one previous innovation *Cough* WII *Cough* practically forced Microsoft and Sony to bring out motion sensitivity, as a means of playing games. Yet somehow Nintendo is the weak one.

ReviewTechUSA has an absolutely wonderful video on the WiiU, that I almost wholeheartedly agree with. He critiscizes Nintendo's decision to stick with a 32 bit structure and the game pad. But he also says people need to stop comparing Nintendo to Sega, in that it'll be the end of Nintendo. They do have alot of money to prop up the system, and I agree completely about the crap marketing. Though not for the same reasons. The problems with the WiiU at launch was a lack of games, espeically titles that would have mattered to their base. Multiple times they had to push back games to later in the year. Wouldn't it have made sense to push the release back at least a year until the heavy hitting games we're up?  Which leads up to my next point..

Another thing people point to for irrelavance in the gaming industry, is there method. "They're beating a dead horse!" they cry! The only problem with this is, the horse isn't dead, and is miraculously, producing money. Don't believe me? Perhaps this list of most sold console games of all time will convince you. Of the 27 games on this list,23 are, shocker, Nintendo games. And of those games, 11 are remakes or sequels to the origionals. A cash cow? Yes. A dead one? I think not.

Look Nintendo makes mistakes. But calling them irrelavant or saying they can't make them like they used to, is just mean spirited. They are NOT irrelavant, and they are not perfect. Saying either would be a lie. However they are still the Nintendo that pulled us from a video game market crash, and they still make pretty damned good games. I know this has been posited before, but what if they hadn't pulled us back? Possibly the video game scene would be isolated to Japan or Asia. Had they not taken the risk, the world of Video Games might not have gone global. And when there is little money to make in a niche market, I doubt the giants of Sony and Microsoft would have rose up. Hell, Sony WOULDN'T have risen up had Nintendo not pissed them off enough to make a console. And when Microsoft entered the arena, the motivation was the market was growing, and now was the time. So let's give a little credit to Nintendo, and not automatically discount them from the gaming scene, please.